Tarot Reader

DENISE is an Intuitive Tarot Reader who started her journey reading for the public 20 years ago when she established the well loved and known centre The Tea and Tarot in Lakeside Cape Town. Denise’s work has been featured in Magazines, a Book, on Television and invited to speak on her topic at various venues. She teaches her subject and has now gone fully on Line where she works with all her clients and will connect with them in the comfort of their own Private Space.
The way she describes herself  …”I was firstly aware of the world beyond the physical at about the age of 3 when I had my first conversation with my Guide who has never left my side since then.  I went on to study Teaching, not realising the changes that would influence where I find myself today.  I now read for people all over the world and am honored to say have met the most interesting and wonderful souls ranging from People holding prominent positions in State to those who hold the fabric of our society together ie. the butcher, the baker and the candle stick maker.
My intention when I sit for someone is to be able to bring a sense of clarity and direction to their lives in areas that we all strive to master in life eg. Our Work, Personal Relationships. Purpose and Financial direction.   Part of my work also includes the connection with loved ones who have passed over the veil and wish to communicate with us.
My work I completely honor as the sacred journey of each person I sit for.  The time spent will be completely confidential and my promise is to give the best of myself which I can only describe as working in absolute faith based on what I have seen and intuit from that place of a Higher Source that I call Creator of all that is.”