Christmas 2022

TO ALL MY READERS OUT THERE… final News Letter for 2022

Can you believe it! We have almost completed another year!

For many it has been a real trial to pick ourselves up after the onslaught of Covid.  I must say however it seems to have forced us to look at so much.  We have been isolated from the larger crowd and many have been faced with just sitting with ourselves and others have  been forced to stay at home with family.   This I have seen has had many interesting and positive results.

In this crazy and busy world, we have lost touch often with the Precious people who live right under our roof and most importantly ourselves.  One thing is for sure, it has definitely given us a different Outlook on how we see the world!

BUT my subject this month is not to study the effects of Covid but to remind us of the Road we travel Ourselves.

Yes we do always have the Social and Community support and impact on our lives ….Thank God! We are sensory beings and able to experience all that comes with this.   But what is important, is for us to realise is… that we Walk this time to get to know Ourselves, and to understand that our Response to all that we interact with’ has an important impact on Our Personal Soul Journey and what footprints we leave, AND ALSO to be not only remembered but to be counted apon as the contribution to the grander scheme of things. This Walk… only we are responsible for and are meant to travel and its called Life.

This Journey that we have chosen is a powerful one and is not for the fainthearted ….it can be often daunting, lonely, grey and the unknown very scary.  But is the one that YOU travel.  We  therefore have to be VERY mindful of every moment!

The law of Energy is as you know….what you put out there is what you create.  We often also have chosen complicated situations for ourselves to learn the lessons that we must, to higher our Vibration and to  clear the path ahead to succeed and inspire others to realise their fuller potential.  There are so many stories out there to inspire  and prove this to us .

Your Positioning in this World is not by accident and your Journey is Sacred. Respect it, Your response is vital…not only for Yourself.. but to shift and adjust the overall outcome of this World that we are privileged to experience.   Make sure it counts!

May this Festive Season be one of Joy and Love and Celebration of YOU and your Journey . May all the richest Blessings and experiences by Yours!

With Love




Christmas 2022