Newsletters – Jul 2012

Newsletters - Jul 2012

Hello Everyone!

Brrrr … hello from a very Wintery Cape Town!

My thoughts and prayers go out to those who are not warm and on the streets and the animals that are forced to face the elements scared and hungry.

My message this month is to say this … we need to make excuses! Yes, excuses! To stop and look up, look down and look out!

We just do not give ourselves the time to recognise just how much there is out there that potentially with a glance even, can lift you up for that moment and give you the courage or inspiration you may just need.

A week ago feeling a little low as I left the Blue Route in Tokai I stumbled across the most sublime and peaceful picture (though strange considering the location) …

Across from the underground parking was a herd of cows! Peacefully grazing!

Looking across them as they fed on the long green succulent grass and lifting my eyes, the mountains looked softly blue … the sudden contrast to the stress and noise of the busy centre was a real reminder of how insignificant so much of what we stress about is, when we have so much to be so grateful for that requires no more than a moment of contemplation.

So here is wishing you a Herd of Cows or a drop of rain that silently slides off a petal to bring you back to Earth! Look out for them and smile … feed your Soul!

With love, Denise