Newsletters – Apr 2013

Newsletters - April 2013

As we start preparing for the change of Season there is always, I believe a synchronicity of change in spirit and mind.  The excitement of re-assessing our direction for example comes to mind.

One of the most important places to be in, when we are looking forward, I believe, is  to have a clear knowledge and understanding of who we are!

We are constantly challenged to fit into expectations of others and society’s pressures.  Or even to manipulate relationships ourselves to fuel our short comings. The question here is … are we working from a place of authenticity?

If not, will the outcome be what we truly need for ourselves i.e. to achieve the best outcome?

My thought is … the best gift and start we can give ourselves is to know YOU!

Staying true to your essential self will fuel all that fits well and is a true and natural result.

Be true to yourself and stand in your own strength and wait and watch for the authentic Devine flow … the best gift you can give to yourself!

With love


GUIDE TO HUMAN DESIGN  … speaker Dawn Pilatowicz.

Using a combination of Eastern and Western astrology to determine your “wiring”.
Find out what type you are, how you affect others and the best way to make decisions.

Friday 26 April 6.30pm
The Library of the Spiritualist Church Kendal Rd Diep River.
Catering by Top Nosh
R150 per head
FOR BOOKINGS 021 788 888 3


R500 for an hour Reading with Denise plus an hour massage with our Masseuse!  Save R175 and spoil yourself … or spoil a loved one using our available Gift vouchers.


Br Shubamrita also know as the Hugging Saint will be speaking at the Sufi Temple 15 April.
For more info please call 076 476 5580 or 071 161 7837


We have GIFT VOUCHERS available for Tarot readings, Energy work with Claire, reflexology and Intuitive massage

If you are starting to think about preparing soups, stews, etc for the colder weather soon arriving don’t forget your HOT BOX … let it do the cooking safely, conveniently and Greenly for you!

Phone Lesley 021 788 888 3 for appointments … readings, healing, massage, counsel.

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