How to meditate

Relax! No expectations, just allow the natural flow and unfoldment to develop.

With regular practice you will start noticing the changes eg. A lighter sense of being, a sense of calm, new realizations manifesting from within and your natural senses alerted for example.

TO START… Find a place where you will not be interrupted for aprox 30 mins. If you can make the space energetically special eg. Light a candle, burn some incense arrange some flowers in a vase and make sure you are comfortable.

Some prefer to sit on the floor others to lay down. The purpose is to keep the spine straight to allow the flow of the chi energy.

If you fall asleep, good, don’t fight it.

After your session, your comments will be welcome in the forum or at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

Meditation 1: This meditation is to bring you to a state of balance and harmony to enable you to cope with the stress of this time

Meditation 2 : Let this Meditation take you to the powerful possibilities that Intention and Visualization can… For a healing journey