Tea & Tarot

We now operate completely online. If you would like to visit or learn more please contact Denise on WhatsApp

The Tea & Tarot is still thriving through Covid 19

Once Operating for 20 years from Cape Town, Sunny South Africa, we have relocated to Northern Europe from

 102 Main Road, Lakeside, Cape Town South Africa Tel: ☎ +39 3886391313

The Tea and Tarot was a well known land mark on the Main Road of the pretty little village of Lakeside below the scenic drive known as Boyes Drive. Due to Covid 19 Denise has gone completely online and relocated to Northern Italy.

Bookings can be done online clicking here and skype or whatsapp consultations have been established. 

30 years ago, Denise Rigotti Developed & popularised one of the  original commercial ‘Intuitive Tarot’ Systems during the 90’s.  An ‘Intuitive Tarot reading’  is vastly different from the Classical Tarot Reading. This system is taught globally & implemented all over the world  by Denise’ students. For most people, if you have heard of the ‘Intuitive Tarot’ then you have found the origin.

Our Mission is to provide a quiet and peaceful space in a homely and friendly environment for those seeking Nurturing, Healing, Insight and Direction for managing their life.

At the Tea & Tarot, we have always worked as a team of sincere and ethical practitioners.

Our work has been featured over the years in television programs, alternative magazines and even a novel.


Our work over the years has invited and inspired people to visit us and work with us from all over the world.

There are many visitors who make the Tea and Tarot part of their itinerary when they visit our friendly Country.



The name TEA AND TAROT  was given to me by my guides and the physical establishment started in beautiful Cape Town South Africa in a room in an establishment shared by a Naturopath.  I soon moved on to my own bigger premises where I started a little place to share a plate of food and where guest speakers and Tarot Lessons also took place.   This beautiful old house that was well on its way to turn 100 years old had so many of its own stories to tell and became the landmark for many passing through the little town of Lakeside just below the beautiful Boyes Drive.    I was there for 20 years and even became a Google landmark for travellers.

This Old house complemented so much of my work and I was joined by healers and other alternative practitioners.  The energy of this space held a special place in many peoples heart and I was so privileged to be part of this all.   Many of the events and changes as time passed have been documented on my Facebook Page  Tea and Tarot for your interest.

When it was time to leave for my new home in NE Italy to start a new chapter in my life, it was a difficult moment to leave this old house  but gratefully my clientele remained loyal and stuck with me and we work on line from all over the world. I plan to finish my book in the coming year to tell the full story of the events, lessons I learned and the visitors both physical and other. 

All our lives are I believe, worthy of a wonderfully unique story that weaves through the tapestry of this Earth’s History….no matter how seemingly insignificant in the grander scheme of things.



My readings are on line until further notice.   I have had invitations to work in Ireland and further North in parts of Italy but will wait until we are free to move around again.

My readings will start with a meditational space where the guides are asked to join us and if there is any immediate communication you will be informed.

I then proceed with a general overview that reflects the aspects of your life that will be of importance to the reading

At this point you will let me know what areas you would like to be addressed.  I would prefer no information on the subject so that the reading is not influenced in any way.

The reading could include not only the advice that comes through but a look at past lives if the guides have any reason to use them to demonstrate your lessons this time on the Earth plane and there also could be connections with your loved ones who have passed over.



  1. When looking for a reading it is very important to make sure you are working with an experienced reader.

I have been reading for nearly 30 years now and my work has been mentioned in a book, magazines, on the South African news for New Year predictions, Regional Newspapers and also on a Spiritual programme for South African television.

I have also taught the Tarot for the past 15 years as I am passionate about the power and growth potential that this tool offers to support aspects of your personal Spiritual Journey. 

  1. Recommendations.

When you are seeking advice on something as important as yourself….spend time asking those who have used the services of Intuitives.   When going to any professional for advice it is often important to talk to others who have experienced the services of the practitioner.   I personally have found in my work that most of my new clients are through referral which I am honestly proud of…..confirmation that my work has been of real value to these individuals.

  1. Feel comfortable with your person

When you are looking for help in areas so personal, you need to feel comfortable with the person you are going to work with.  There is the initial response that you sense which must feel comfortable, we all are sixth sensory and this will give you a good idea if your energies will work together. And finally, so important that you are able to trust the Practitioner.  

  1. My Intention

Is to firstly honour  my client and the process which includes our guides and helpers in Spirit.  I see myself as the conduit to all messages and direction that is offered through this process.   I am definitely not here to tell you what to do, but to present the scenario’s open to you by way of the current energy that you have invested in your life situations and the potential outcome.  With this information you will be able to make better decisions.