Newsletters – May 2012

Hello Everyone.

“Everything will work out well in the end … if it has not, then it can’t be the end!”

I had to share this with you!

A dear friend and I went to see the film “The Marigold Hotel”.

I was told to expect a good comedy and yes it was an upbeat film with lots of humour – but so much truth too!

We often set out our plans and have very definite expectations of what the outcome should be and are left disappointed because the outcome was not as we wanted.

But how many times are we surprised in hindsight, despite what we believed should be the outcome, we have new truths to work with that work out far better.

I do believe if we can hold onto this positive way of looking at life we could well end up pleasantly surprised …

Instead of walking away feeling defeated, simply keep looking forward in anticipation for the real opportunity of growth that could be clouded in what we believe should be the outcome.

Lots of love and perfect endings