October 2016

Hi Everyone

Can you believe we have got to count down to the end of 2016!

This has been quite a testing time for all of us as we work through the energy of the 9.

An important time to bring things to conclusion, to tie off those loose ends and put a stop to those issues in our life that we do not need and to consolidate what we aim to take with us. The aim of course is to get ourselves ready for the new Energy of 2017 and the vibration of 1.

We do not need to take the old stuff with us but to clear it, to start an Energy Cycle of New! So, dear friends we are running out of time.

Make sure that you check your tick box of things to do and bring to conclusion those issues you do not want to see again.  Walk into this New Year with a clear vision of all that you want for yourself, set those intentions clearly, feel them and know that you can manifest them.  We are powerful at manifesting what we pay attention to.  Make sure that your attention is focused on Positive pictures and instruction for your psyche to create.   We are constantly creating the circumstances we live in by the virtue of the beliefs and concepts we hold to be true.

May your biggest dreams be realized as you line them up for 2017!
With lots of love


Our T CLUB is up and going … still have spaces left.  We have already had a lot of serious work done, fun and interesting guest speakers in the last two months.  The group are really enjoying the meditation and journaling … so if you want to be part call 021 788 888 3 and join.


If you can’t make it to see me in person book a session on line on my website www.teaandtarot.co.za and we will confirm your time and date.

GIFT VOUCHERS also available for those of you would like to gift.  


Our Hot Boxes are tough and durable … made of the highest quality materials (we have a client who has used hers for 17yrs now and the fabric has still not perished from heat); let the cooking take place while you are at work, play or rest and enjoy your meal unspoiled and hot up to 6 hours! Very portable for your camping and a good gift  to last and encourage eco-awareness.

Phone Lesley 021 788 888 3 for appointments.

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