Our Story, Man’s story, must be the most important part of ourselves.   Right from the beginning of our rational thought, it was Our Story that kept our History, lessons and teaching alive to illuminate our Human experience here on Earth going forward.

Collectively as races, clans and as teachers, Masters and family we have used Story telling as our first record to be passed on.  

Before writing it was the Story told and passed on through generations that held our journey of life and teachings intact.

We are right now experiencing in 2020 our Story that forged through all Borders and Nations i.e. the Corona Virus.  This too will go down in History to be discussed and debated and lessons to be learned from it.   How important is our Story?

All this History is collectively important, but my point here is that OUR STORY! is what makes the strength of it.  Each person needs to remember that from the first story you pass on as a bed time tale to your young child, to the discussion and experiences that you share with others, it has a huge impact on not only where you sit in the unfolding of the future of your personal situation but all those that are in earshot of it.

It is not by accident that the important teachings are relayed to us through Parables for example in Ancient scripts like the Bibles, Myths and Poetry, for it is in the Story that we are able to retain what we hear as we started right in the beginning.  My advice would be to be very aware of what your story tells, as it will be the blue print for not only the journey you experience but those who you infuse with your colouring of words.

In my readings if I may just add, this is exactly how I am given the information and why I now understand why the guides who come through always refer to the information as The Story.  I have found myself using this analogy always and stopped to consider it just the other day and was inspired to share this thinking with you.

Bless you all … Our Story is so very important … we all must take account of this … With love Denise.

PS   As I am sure you have all gathered by now, with very mixed feelings …That being, my History I shared with that beautiful old building on the Main Road of Lakeside in Cape Town; where I grew and met some of the most important people in my life and learned the biggest lessons, that I am now leaving it.  It sounds crazy to talk about how much I love this building but the Story I have to tell about all that happened there would astound and amaze many people.  I do hope to write something about the Spirit beings that were part of it all as soon as I can.  BUT this does not stop the heart of “The Tea and Tarot” beating.  My work is to continue, as it has done for all my clients around the world who were not able to see me in person.   We have been connecting for the past 15 years or so by way of Proxy Readings, on Skype and now Whatsapp.  Spirit has no boundaries and no geographic borders … it is where they are called to be.  I definitely will miss the direct contact of you all but luckily with our modern ways of doing things … I am just a call away and in the comfort of your own home or place of choice to join with me. You may find all the info on my website www.teaandtarot.co.za or Whatsapp 0810130086.  God Bless.


As explained above the TEA AND TAROT CONTINUES … With me and all who have been so loyally part of its journey … just different.

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