Newsletters – Nov 2012

Newsletters - Nov 2012

Hello Everyone

… is it not wonderful to sense the warmth in the weather as we move closer to Summer.
This is definitely a time when we feel more motivated “to do and to be” .
I do believe that the way we view ourselves, owning the choices we make of every decision and encounter with others, has an enormous impact on the outcome.
To realise that taking ownership for example of each connection we create, with another person or situation and reflecting on the outcome as our own experience to work with …  not blaming or judging the other person for result, not only empowers us in time of success but also leaves us open to new ideas and lessons. 
Most importantly we are not then left at the mercy of the situation we are dealing with, but it allows us the space to interpret the circumstances to bring about the best outcome.
To respect and allow each person without blame, to respond to life as they need to experience it and to step back and honour yourself in this process too, might well give us leverage to experience the best of who we are.
Many blessings and love

Time  6.30 for 7pm
Venue Josephine’ Cook House, Newlands
Speaker: Ian Wheeler Homeopathic Doctor will talk on
“Metabolic Balancing- Creating a platform for good Health”
Bookings close Wednesday 24 Oct. phone 021 788 888 3
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