Newsletters – Dec 2012

Newsletters - Dec 2012

It is truly an honour to connect with you all again.  I sincerely hope that the warmer weather has brought a glow to your cheeks and you are all feeling inspired to take on the New Year ahead.

The subject I would like to discuss with you, and I truly invite the opinion of the readers, is that of “The honouring of relationships”.

This is an issue that comes up often in my readings.

Whether the relationship is one of personal, work or friendship, the way we handle them are equally important.

There are often those who expect more out of a relationship than what they are prepared to give, and there are those who give too much and are hurt when the outcome is less.

On reviewing this I believe that we need to ascertain from as early as possible what the relationship means to ourselves and confirm if everyone is on the same page.

In doing this, it is sometimes scary as we set ourselves up for disappointment, but I do believe after the initial attraction it is important to understand the boundaries, yours and the person or people involved.

It is often that I find people who have lost themselves in a relationship and then become dependant and “rudder-less” losing their own sense of worth and identity that will later down the line lead to resentment and regret.

We owe it to ourselves to remember the “unique spark of self” to hold a valid position and place in any relationship and not merge into the shadow of someone else.

Allowing for differences is also important, respecting these and working through them also makes for a successful partnership to avoid conflict and to determine if the relationship is one that will work.

And all of the above is dependent completely on open and truthful communication … so let yourself be known and your intentions clear, would be my advice

Lots of love

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