January 1 2020

Bringing you Insights for Your Spiritual Well Being
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What an auspicious year we are entering! A powerful and exciting time for us all. Collectively it is important for us to pool together energetically and bring with us positive and supportive energy into this new timing on our Earth.

It is important that we totally get it! … we create our reality here on Earth and have the power to change so much that draws us closer to a balanced and peaceful outcome. Each person has their role to play … no matter how small that spark of light seems.

A few lines of insight from our guides for you to contemplate.

Communication must always be one of positive and supportive energy. Our communication even with ourselves is a conversation with the Universe. Do not allow negative communication to detract from knowing yourself, let no other person define who you are by a negative expression … know who you are! and focus on that which represents the love in your life. Every action, thought and expression of you, should be that which you understand is your soul expression and representation here on Earth.
Spend time with yourself in meditation and prayer … know yourself and find that core sense of purpose you bring into this world. Your fingerprint! is indicative of the unique being you are and your mastery and purpose here on Earth.
Time sometimes does not always fit into “our plan” but remember all time fits into our Creator’s plan . Trust in this and you will see the perfection of that timing.
When circumstances constantly feel that you are not moving forward or goals seem unattainable … look towards the tools you have been graced with in life and seek a new path of energy to express yourself. Watch your emotional responses to guide you and find the new Master in you, these inner expressions might well be the new compass to direct you.
Carefully choose your partners in life, work or personal. Be aware of the chemistry you share … does it feel comfortable and compatible. Be real with yourself and respect who you are and where the other person is, to avoid challenges that could bring stress to the situations you share. Each person has their place, time and lesson in crossing your path, be open to that to grow also, but respectful of where your direction is meant to be.
Finally REMEMBER always, the choices we make are our own and defines our experiences here on Earth. TIME as we know it, is not static and is in constant motion … we can embrace this and make changes in our life count. We are on this Earth well equipped to deal with what we have to learn and experience and ABOVE ALL perfectly supported and open to direction through our connection in Prayer and Meditation.


PS We are open for sessions as from Friday, 3rd of January, 2020.

PLEASE NOTE … I am able to do proxy readings for those who do not want to travel or prefer the comfort of their own space.

Bookings can be done on line ….see www.teaandtarot.co.za and give us a call if you need to on ‪021 788 888 3‬

A reminder once again that Claire Barry has returned from her adventures of support with the indigenous people of the Kalahari. She is back at the Tea and Tarot doing her intuitive massage using her own oil recipes for healing and also working on Energy Healing for those needing support with different ailments. Please call us on ‪021 788 888 3‬ to book an appointment or even buy one of her own natural perfumes she will make up especially for you.

Please see below re her modalities:

Claire Barry’s Modalities

Healing Touch
Shamanic Journey Work

See: www.clairebarry-kalahari-sunrise.weebly.com



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FOR THOSE FURTHER AWAY FROM CAPE TOWN … Denise’s readings are now available on Skype please visit www.teaandtarot.co.za or go to our FB group Tea and Tarot Lakeside to find out more 


If you can’t make it to see me in person book a session on line on my website www.teaandtarot.co.za and we will confirm your time and date.

Phone Leslie for appointments at ‪021 788 888 3‬.

Please visit our Face Book page “Tea and Tarot” Lakeside to keep in touch

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” It is not the water in the fields that brings true development, rather, it is water in the eyes, or compassion for fellow beings, that brings about real development. “