Newsletters – Aug 2012


Newsletters - Aug 2012

Hello Everyone 

… from a very cold but wonderful Cape Town.

We have snow-capped mountains, passes closed and pelting rain – all quiet exhilarating.

I am about to celebrate my 55th birthday and on top of this have just acquired the latest cell phone.  It has to put it bluntly made me feel that I have truly stepped into the world of old.

I watch as even a one year old (and I kid you not, I know her personally) a one year old is more competent! She knows how to handle the complicated remote of her parents TV, and I sit here and struggle wondering which button to push to send my message!

I too listen to those who are more sensitive, who feel unbalanced by the changing energy around us.

Our world is definitely speeding up!

And it is not just technology but also geographically.  Our days just don’t seem to be long enough to fit everything in and life seems a blur.

My question is: are we just moving too fast for our own good?

When we look at those peaceful scenes of an iconic quiet place such as the one above where time seems to have stood still and without all the “mod cons” note the serenity on the faces of the people who smile more, listen more and live more! (“Vendemmia” in Italy)

Are we just spinning out of control and should we not be looking for ways to reach out for the spaces our soul cries for!

I believe we are being sent some real messages and yes even though life seems quick and exciting are we truly in charge of the world we are creating or are we just spinning too fast to control what stares us in the face?

Just taking a breath,
With love Denise


TAROT STUDENT GROUP … I have been approached by some of my students to start a monthly group, where we will work on projects together, learn from each other and just share.  If you are interested please phone or email me

REFLEXOLOGY SPECIAL … an hour of healing and reflexology on Thursdays with Claire for R200.  One look at those who leave her after a session describes it all!


Topic:  Dispelling the Myth of Hypnosis and Touching on Past Lives
Karen who joins us on the 1 August is a Psychologist who will deliver this fascinating