Newsletters – Mar 2012

Hello Everyone,

Good to connect with you all again.

I received a wonderful message on Face Book that truly made me smile but had so much truth to it.

“I have learned so much from my mistakes, I think I need to make some more!”

We are often so afraid of the Mistakes we make and are warned right from birth that these Mistakes are to be avoided at all costs, but as I have realised, and also I believe many others have too, it is often through these Mistakes that we are forced to look at our situations again to make the changes that get us back on track.

It is only when we do not learn from them and keep repeating them that the situation is mirrored over and over again until we get it.

I think added to this is often the unknown and the change that comes with the adjustments we have to make that scare us most.

If we can only change our thinking and bless every Lesson as a positive move forward and not be so afraid to admit we need to change and embrace the gift in this, we might all find ourselves in a better place.

Something to think about …
With love