1 hour International Tarot Reading


R 1,175.00

Order a skype tarot Reading…special of 399 is finished, strike while the iron is hot and when we run our next special, jump on it



Order a Skype Tarot Reading now with Denise Rigotti.


Denise will contact you personally within the next 48 hours and then you may choose whether you would like a skype reading or a written reading.


Denise Rigotti is one of the worlds most popular international Tarot Readers and has been known to read for royalty as well as the rich and famous from all across the globe.


This option is typically selected for critical matters. It is quite common that our clients that choose this option take on an extra half hour or more during consultation.


With this option you can go deep down the rabbit hole and find definitive meaning behind your current direction


1 hour International Tarot Reading