Do you have a crush on someone on your mobile phone contact list, such as a best friend, work colleague or acquaintance?

Do you want to find out if they might like you back without giving yourself away or compromising yourself?

My son developed a unique dating app. The unique concept is his entirely.

I decided to include it here because it is an ethical and romantic concept that assists you in exploring love within your own circles.

Instead of trying to meet people that you don’t know online, this app allows you to anonymously select people off of your own phone’s contact list ( people that you already know) and secretly submit your crush to the system.

Your friends who have the app installed, will do the same thing and if there is a match a notification is sent to both your phones.

The App does not log your conversations, no data is stored on my son’s servers. Your communications are completely private

The system does not have any chat functionality, rather, once you have matched, the system will automatically open whatsapp so that you can chat with your match directly.

No Bots or spam

Because there is no inbuilt chat system as the app uses whatsapp, it is not possible to receive spam from inside the system. If there is a match, it is completely genuin

No More Vetting strangers online

Everyone that you match with are people that you already know

Reduction in sexual harrasment at the office

If you are interested in someone at work and they have the app installed, you can find out if that someone is interested in you anonymously. Therefore there is nolonger a need for you to approach colleauges that you have a crush on.

No More fake profiles

There are no profiles on the system. The app does not work with profiles. You already know everyone that you select as a crush