30 Minute Tarot Reading

R 450.00

Order a Skype Tarot Reading now with Denise Rigotti.


Denise will contact you personally within the next 48 hours and then you may choose whether you would like a skype reading or a written reading.





Good Day All. Due to the fact that I am in the process of relocation to Europe, it is no longer affordable to do readings at South African Market prices.


At the old rate I will not be able to sustain a modest living as the northern hemisphere has proven to be very costly.


Therefore I have raised the prices of Tarot readings just enough for me to ensure that I can continue this work in Europe.


I have been working as a full time tarot reader for a quarter of a century and I have raised a family on this work.


It would be a pity if I were not able to continue. With your support & acceptance of the new pricing, I am certain that I can continue to provide you will excellent spiritual consultations, internationally as I have done so for most of the internet era.


Blessings, Denise



30 Minute Tarot Reading