Newsletters – Feb 2012

Hello Everyone,

So exciting to go into this new month … our time of adjustment to the New Year and all the ideas and intentions sorted in our heads and most of us moving forward into this New Year in anticipation of all the potential waiting out there for us.

This is also the month that we celebrate our Romantic love connections and so with us all wondering what we will be doing for that special one, I thought it appropriate that I also include this little except from Gerald G Jampolsky on “Being Love”

“ It isn’t possible to evaluate or prove love in the usual ways.  The fact that we are not able to measure it does not make it less Real.

We have all had glimpses of pure, unconditional love, and there is unquestionably a part of us that knows it exists.

We become aware of love whenever we choose to accept people without judging them and commence the gentle effort of giving without any thought of getting something in return.

This means, for example, that true love is not giving in order to change another’s attitude from a bad mood to one of light heartedness or from ingratitude to one of thanks to us.

True love is a completely pure and unencumbered form of giving.  It is extended freely to the love in others and is its own reward.”

May these words inspire and feed you all and may this month be one to set the rest of the year in celebration in Love