Aug 2016

Greetings to all those who honor me … I honor you!

Our lives can at times feel so lonely and separate as we struggle through life’s often tough challenges, be they challenges of love, health, finance or grief.

Knowing “who we are” holds us together and allows us to get through these tough times … !

To know that:

We are worth every breath we take
We are co-creators of this Earth
Every decision we make counts
The love we feel and the emotions we share have an impact on everything!

AND, most importantly, knowing, we are not separate from the energy where Life originates.

To tap into this continuum of Life Force by way of Prayer, Meditation and set Intention we find that we are not separate and are fully supported and connected.

Recent “scientific” discovery has found that our Heart carries a make up of cells that respond so completely to the above mentioned way we feel about ourselves and each other that it goes beyond the instruction of what academia and taught behavior accumulated in the Brain knows.

My advice is to go there … learn more … think and act through this Heart Energy and bring all back into balance.

My personal experience is … it feels safe, I no longer feel isolated … and most importantly I know I am responsible too for everything I bring into my life and how I influence that around me.

Love Denise


SPRING OPEN DAY … Saturday 3rd September
Mini Readings with a cup of Tea and a Muffin 🙂
Bookings are open, call 021 788 888 3 and they are filling up fast.

We have started and are enjoying sharing like minded discussion and topics around Balancing our Lives with Our Spiritual Self.

Have loaded some pictures on my Face Book page … please do go to my website and you can click on the FB for quick access.

These classes are on a Monday, Morning and Evening … for further information if you are interested call 021 788 888 3


If you can’t make it to see me in person book a session on line on my website and we will confirm your time and date.

GIFT VOUCHERS also available for those of you would like to gift.


Our Hot Boxes are tough and durable … made of the highest quality materials (we have a client who has used hers for 17yrs now and the fabric has still not perished from heat); let the cooking take place while you are at work, play or rest and enjoy your meal unspoiled and hot up to 6 hours! Very portable for your camping and a good gift  to last and encourage eco-awareness.

Phone Lesley 021 788 888 3 for appointments.

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