Oct 2017

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Hello to all

May this newsletter find you in a good space.   Lately each day has seemed to come with so many reasons to feel frustrated, fed up or just plain defeated, with what is going on around us.  Each day is constantly bombarded with the International and Local Issues that threaten our sense of Peace, Security and Well Being.  You may find yourself going to bed and waking with a sense of dread as to what you are up against the next day. This might be related to your own personal world of relationships, finance or work and then the rest that we are reminded of via the media, crashing in on our TV, cell and Headline Papers.

I do believe that there is a way to deal with this and I will not disagree that it may seem too difficult to even contemplate at times.

My suggestion is to try and put ourselves in a place of admiration for the real “mystery” and adventure of each new day.  Our attitude and the energy it carries can magically change the course of events once we realize how powerful we are.  By focusing on the good that comes of the challenges we take on and complimenting ourselves for the resilience we have to face each day alone, is something to celebrate.  We are all brave beings on this Earth at this moment.

What we need to see also, is that we can change the focus of our attention and look to the positive options we can derive or create to balance the challenges. Just by believing in the good inherent in most individuals and the positive and uplifting nature in so much that misses our attention each day. To look up and notice the blue sky or the majestic Moon at night, to seek out Peace in a quite moment each day and most important of all to give of yourself in good intention and love to another being … and not to forget yourself.

All of the above are a tonic to our sense of contentment and an uplifting change to the configuration of each new day.  I believe in this way we make a change, first for our self and the way we take on life and the Magic of each day and secondly the influence we then have on everything around us … it can be quite contagious J

May each new day and its Mystery unfold in a Positive Outcome
With love



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