Jan 2017

Dear Friends

I heard a story of a young Romantic who was determined to find the spark of life that seemed to have escaped him. He traveled to a place of memory that he was sure would rekindle all that was lost.

A place of youth … carefree, filled with laughter, dance and wild abandonment filled with passion and reckless love.

He found a place of abandoned rooms and a hauntingly empty dance floor. He stood there in despair, the memories … just that … a time passed and now lost. An era gone.

As he stood there shocked, wondering what had become of the vibrant lives and passionate moments he had shared he turned to see a face reflected behind a dusty window.

In a once smart office, now just a dusty drab version, sat a grey-haired man, still with his artificially whitened teeth that once flashed smiles of success and money, now just an old tired man. He recognised his unexpected visitor and greeted him with warmth. They reminisced of times of wild parties and love filled nights … all passed.

All stolen by new laws and technologies that changed the way things were done.

There was one more poignant moment for our young Romantic to bear.

An old staff member from back then, a lady … four years or so older, once beautiful and full of life, she too stepped into the dingy office. Her curved body now softened and rounded, grey streaks showing through her once raven hair and now lines touched her face reflecting a life changed by stress.

The young man reeled, what had become of his dream to rekindle the flame … where had it gone?

The irony of the childhood story Peter Pan, comes to mind … life does not stand still … memories hold it there but we move on.

A wise man said life is a mastery of time and event. To create a life bold, muster forward, adding new pages, characters and change keeps the spark alive.

And that, my friends, is life.

May your year be exactly that … a place to add pages, new characters and change, to add new spark to your story, mastering the events of time and event … creating new chapters and not looking back to stop time, but appreciating the potential of every present moment to add to the mastery of life’s success.


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