Jan 2017

To all my dear readers out there …  !

Firstly wishing you a Fabulous February … The energies behind us now in this year of the “One” is so supportive.  Take big confident steps to bring all those new ideas and dreams to the fore and do not look back, in fact anything that no longer serves you … leave it behind.

With all the hype around St. Valentine it does make us very aware of this word often used for effect and in the case of every shopping mall right now for financial advantage … i.e. LOVE.

When we seriously look at this word however the first thought that comes to mind is … how short we are in this World in many places of this word LOVE.

In all the Spiritual Teachings we are constantly reminded of how important it is to act, think and see through the eyes of Love, for this is the very catalyst that will not only rescue but transform everything it touches.  It sounds at this moment so flippant to even express it so simply because of the Power behind it and the Ancient teachings that call on it, that I truly ask you to stop for a moment and think on this.

As Human Souls, it is the one Energy that we cannot thrive without.  This is so evident in orphanages for example where we see children in institutions that have not known a hug or the love of their parent that they literally do not thrive and develop as they should.

LOVE is our plug in to Joy, Success, Self Worth, Health and Community.

Let us carry it forward in the way we treat each other, love each other and think … Also carry it into your prayers for those People, Countries, and Earth places of Environment, including our Animals, Plants and Seas.  I believe, in Communion there is an Energy of Strength that has the power to change anything … especially in the name of LOVE.

Love Denise


TAROT COURSE    … Starting March 2

Have been approached to start another one … if you are interested please call me for more info ASAP    021 788 888 3

SOUL SYNC (Soulmate Synchronization)

For Single people wanting to meet partners who truly honor the process!
I will be using the Tarot to find these special opportunities for you.
We already have quite a few ladies waiting … so come on men! Don’t be shy!
For more INFO 021 788 888 3 and speak to Denise. Special for the first 20 applicants … no enrolment fee!


What a wonderful start to this club! and this year kicked off with a Sangoma who spoke of her journey as an English lady in Africa!
Lots to learn, share and enjoy … see some of our pics on Facebook Page.
Place for 4 more in our Club of 10!


If you can’t make it to see me in person book a session on line on my website www.teaandtarot.co.za and we will confirm your time and date.

GIFT VOUCHERS also available for those of you would like to gift.  


Our Hot Boxes are tough and durable … made of the highest quality materials (we have a client who has used hers for 17yrs now and the fabric has still not perished from heat); let the cooking take place while you are at work, play or rest and enjoy your meal unspoiled and hot up to 6 hours! Very portable for your camping and a good gift  to last and encourage eco-awareness.

Phone Lesley 021 788 888 3 for appointments.

Please visit our Face Book page “Tea and Tarot” Lakeside to keep in touch